Squat as one of the most classic strength training exercise, is a basic method for training lower limbs. But for squat people are also mixed, often said that squats to the knee and waist injuries, more often the girls are worried about the squat thighs will be thick problem.

First of all, basically the reason for the thick legs of women is fat, high body fat less fat, the formation of fat-type thick legs. But squat in the end will not let the thigh thick? The answer is: yes. Many girls may be afraid to see this, but the squat is to stimulate the leg muscles to make it grow. Long muscle dimensions, of course, will achieve the dreams of girls have a peach hip desire. But if you want chopsticks legs and want a bottom-top? It is estimated that only ps can do it.

But squats are not terrible, but at the same time as long muscles, they can reduce your thigh circumference, because at the same time you can consume fat, the legs will become more compact, the lines will be more beautiful, and not pinch will be a lump of meat. And in the squat when the core muscles to participate in the legs, buttocks and waist and abdomen core muscle groups, will consume a lot of fat energy, is an excellent exercise lower limb movements.

But if you find that there is no change in the buttocks after you have been doing squats for a while, and the thicker the thighs are then your actions are wrong. More to stimulate the leg muscles, but also low back pain.